Can i buy any car?

All lenders have different specifications in terms of vehicles they can finance, and you will be provided with criteria that the car must meet, for example in regards to age and mileage.

What if i don’t know what car i want to buy?

It is very common for car buyers to source their loan terms before committing to buying a car. Once you have chosen your car you can amend your loan amount to fit. You can also amend the length up to 5 years.

Can i pay off the loan early?

Yes, you can pay off your loan at any time. You will receive a rebate of interest of you pay of the loan early. You can also make over payments with most of our lenders to help shorten the length of your loan.

Can i use my part exchange as a deposit?

Yes, we can use your part exchange as full deposit. Just call us up for a free valuation.

How long does it take to get a decision?

Applications are dealt with the same day and you will receive an email or phone call with a decision and the next steps needed to continue the application process.

Can i get car finance even with a bad credit rating?

Your dedicated account manager is experienced at providing car finance for people who have had problems obtaining credit in the past. Having a poor credit rating shouldn’t stop you from getting car finance, even if you’ve been refused elsewhere.

Where can i buy the car from?

Our car finance is available on cars from any UK Car Dealer that hold a valid FCA licence.

How do i get my car?

You can collect your car directly from the dealer, we will liaise with the car dealer and we can arrange viewing and pickup directly with them. We take care of all the documentation regarding your finance.

We dedicate an advisor to help you through the application. We believe better communication is simplifies dealing with your application, if the advisor does not have the answer he will endeavour to help you and find the answer from host of people within the industry. To ask a question:

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